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27 July 2007

UFO are at OSHKOSH-- look for our stand we will be there and following this we will be doing flight demonstrations at the Air show at MENTONE.

We look forward to meeting you in person.


Also, you can go to UTube video:   

We have 7 (seven) UFO's that are ready for purchase today, these 7 have been fitted out way beyond the kitset stage. If your wanting to spend time in the air rather than assembling a kitset. Talk to us today.

22 Feb 2007

Everything we have promised has been done.

The UFO-HeliThruster is a two place, totally enclosed, autogyro. It cruises at 100 mph. The UFO is capable of flying 600 miles on one fill of fuel! Plus a 1/2 hour reserve..

A second factory, specifically for finishing, is also ready for manufacture.


We want suitable agents to represent our product everywhere we can. So, if you can prove that you can represent UFO appropriately, by joining with a company in an industry under constant scrutiny, then contact us first through UFO and we will get right back to you. Thanks.


UFO's developed PSRU, sub-type G is also ready for outside purchase for those of you who are building other aircraft and who are using a Subaru engine. (Other engines would need an adapter.)

UFO-PSRU-G Gear driven (no belts), light-weight design and superbly strong and quiet.

Our New Looms and Computer Engine Management Package compliment our Subaru 2.5/PSRU power package is also available for outside purchase. This new engine management package gives the ultimate in control of your engine, making more useable power and torque. Easy tuning for virtually any operational condition. see the prices section for more info.

ZRT is undergoing tests. The UFO ZERO ROLL TAKE-OFF is a reality. It is proposed to have sufficient drive to take the rotors up to flight speed before starting a take-off run. That means the UFO-HeliThruster becomes airborne quicker than any other gyro on the market. ZRT is retrofittable to all factory-spec UFO's


August 2005

The UFO gyrocopter that was damaged during a pilot training exercise is expected back in the air soon, refitted with fully dual controls and what is possibly the most up to date spin up in the field, the new system which we understand, will be a simple little push bottom on the end of the control stick; this will operate the entire pre-rotator as automatic.

This looks like being the most up to date gyrocopter around and certainly world class.

May 2005

The UFO 2 seat gyro now has its Permit to Fly issued by the CAA and is in production; their latest is the fitting of the doors making it fully enclosed. By turning the door handle it locks in five places, none of this coming open in flight like our Prime Minister had, they are also redesigning the spin-up so this will turn out to maybe the top 2-seater gyro in the world.

The flight tests of Mac Gillespie designed and built UFO gyrocopter being carried out a Fielding are coming along better than expected with gyros recently reaching 100 knots per hour, and that is fast for a gyro.

February 2005

While in the area we visited the UFO factory, it's a great set up in a semi-rural area, the owner Geoff Price even had deer in the paddock along side the factory and calls them and they come up to the gate. Geoff and his team built their own factory, but his big surprise was as your walk through the door to see 16 aircraft on the production line, if he keeps this up he will be the biggest producer of aircraft in the country. They showed us how they produced the curved radiators for the Subaru engines. On one side of the factory they have a big steel grill protection barrier around their propeller test bay; here they can measure the vitals of not only the engine but also the thrust of different props they test.

Small number of staff as yet, but already they are into shift work, Geoff checks out everything; at the moment they are testing blades and rotor-heads imported from South Africa as they want to improve what is already out there. Pilots from South Africa have different problems to us because they are flying at 5,500 feet above seal level and at 40C.

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