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I'm a big guy and so is my mate, will we fit in the UFO cabin?

The UFO-HeliThruster is bigger than any gyro in its class.

There is 1400 (55 inches) shoulder room.

There is 1100 (43 inches) of headroom, and that is measured from the top of the seat to the cabin roof.

There is 1200 (47 inches) of useable legroom, that is, from the seat back to the pedals. The cabin of course is much larger. No problem here if your tall, neither does it matter that you weight 250 pounds.

This is autogyro comfort like you have never seen it before.

How can I transport my UFO-Heli-Thruster?

Easy, the UFO-HeliThruster can be easily transported on a common car trailer, or even on the back of a small Toyota/Mazda pick-up. By safely and easily transporting your UFO to and from your home you will save on Hanger fees etc. .

What size of trailer is needed to transport my UFO-HeliThruster?

A small single axle trailer is all that is needed, though of course it would have to have the minimum dimensions to fit your gyro. Suitable tie-downs would be essential.
(Dimensions for the UFO-HeliThruster)
Mast Height = 2.7 meters (9 feet 2 inches).
Width = 2.1 Meters (7 feet 2 inches).
Length = 3.7 Meters (12 feet 3 inches).

Can I take off vertically?

Not yet. We have a ZRT (Zero Roll Take-off) under trial and everything is preceding as forecast. PLEASE NOTE: The ZRT unit will be retrofit-able to all factory spec UFO-HeliThrusters.

How long a runway do I need?

50 ft to 150 ft.

What is the glide ratio?

The glide ratio of a gyro is accepted as being 4 to 1. What this means is that with power off the UFO can glide 4,000 feet horizontally for every 1,000 feet it descends. Pretty much standard for all gyroplanes.

What is the craft's life expectancy?

How well will you look after it? It will last as long as any metal/composite aircraft - if properly maintained and stored under good conditions.

What instruments do I need?

International standards vary, there is very little conformity.

UFO's minimum analogue instrument starter package contains: Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Altimeter - Twin pointers, Magnetic Compass, and Hobbs and a Rotor Speed Indicator.

The Digital units that we are now supplying are excellent also.

Of course, you should also have instruments for your engine, such as Engine Tachometer, Engine Temperature Indicator and Oil pressure.

Can I teach myself to fly?

NO! Don't do it! We require our customers to agree to get training from an approved instructor in a two place, preferably side by side autogyro before we sell them a UFO-HeliThruster. All aircraft are potentially dangerous; therefore it is a must to get experienced help in learning.

I am an experienced Pilot! Do I need lessons?

Yes. The gyroplane is a completely different type of aircraft and does require experience to get used to, however, with some training you should be flying sooner than those trainees with no experience in any type of aircraft.

Where can I get my lessons?

There are many facilities and instructors around the country and indeed around the world that do train, be sure your training is done in a dual two place - preferable side by side. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with those in your area.

What engine is included?

The Subaru EJ25 engine comes assembled to the PSRU/G etc. This includes such things as wiring loom, electronics, radiators and exhausts etc.

How many hours between engine overhauls?

1000 hours can be expected with proper engine maintenance.

Is the engine available with electric start?

Yes, of course.

I am a heavy/light pilot; will I have to change any settings to fly?

Yes. In the UFO-HeliThruster - weight changes within it's criteria can be adjusted for, and does not require replacement of any parts.

What is the rotor diameter?

The rotary wing is calculated differently compared to stationary wing aircraft. The Rotor diameter for a UFO-HeliThruster needs are between 29-33 feet with a disc area averaging 755 sq. ft

Do I have to register my UFO?

Yes, the UFO-HeliThrusters are legal amateur built aircraft requiring licensing for the plane and pilot.

Though various countries ask for different criteria

In a general sense: The U.S. will require the UFO to be in the experimental category and require N numbers and registration. In the U.S. the UFO is permitted its all up Gross weight of 1600 pounds.

In New Zealand the craft is in the micro-light category and needs to be kept at below 1200 pounds, this it does easily and still gives a huge carrying capacity.

In the U.K. the UFO will need to be registered and the pilot has to have training, section "T" refers to autogyro of this class.

Is Insurance available?

There are a number of Insurance Companies who specifically cater to aircraft, and you personally. It rather depends on where in the world you live. A good place to start enquiries would be your local flying club

Can I do repairs myself?

Yes. Call UFO personnel for advice on any UFO related matter.

How difficult is it to remove/replace the rotor blades?

Not difficult at all, it can be done by one person. Although rotor blades weigh approximately 80 to 110 lbs., including the hub bar, blades and bolts.

The easiest way to do it, is by standing on a platform at the correct height, and lower or raise the rotors by a small block and tackle. A simple and light "A" frame is all that is needed. Finally, although the center of the UFO cabin is more than strong enough to take an average person's weight, like me you would not want to scratch the lovely paintwork and we ask you not to stand on it.

Are there any individual demands that UFO make before selling a gyro?

YES! We have you sign an agreement to take the proper training by a Certified Flight Instructor in the UFO-HeliThruster gyro.

Is the UFO-HeliThruster a cross country-machine?

Definitely! New Zealand where this craft was designed has some of the most rugged country in the world. When UFO put together their design it was specifically aimed at crossing rugged country open to the elements, and a country that has precious little population. The UFO then was designed not as an agricultural vehicle but as the "Rolla" or "Cadillac" of the skies.

A UFO-HeliThruster is able to fly 600 miles non-stop. Not everyone wants to fly for this duration, but when in New Zealand you can fly to locations without power, lighting or gas stations then we knew what we had to do.

Comfort! Don't forget New Zealand can be a most inhospitable place to be, when at the mercy of the elements. So, we took care of our customers comfort by giving an extremely spacious cabin, no kidding it is the biggest in its class.

There are many things the UFO-HeliThruster can do; it only requires a fully trained pilot at the controls to be very successful.

Where can I obtain information about gyro happenings? Events and fly-ins?

Contact your local chapter, or organization! Browse the web! Contact CAA or FAA etc. etc. etc.

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