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UFO Rolling Chassis Kitset

We will build your KITSET for you! The "Rolling Chassis" is UFO's version of a quick start package. We also assemble the engine/PSRU, the instrument package and wiring looms are made up also. So, most of what you do is plug the parts together.
The factory construction of each and every UFO is a serious affair; UFO is extremely safety and quality conscious; nothing but the best will do! 

In these following pictures we see the bare Fuselage Body Mouldings; no Bubbles or doors have been completed. The UFO's strength becomes particularly strong but only after this radical and holistic design is fully assembled.

In these photos Mac and his team are making sure everything is perfectly aligned. There is a hint of Factory fabrication in these picture.

In this photograph the massive "A" frame has been hung, the Undercarriage is seen hanging with its rearward facing wheel hubs attached. The Aircraft Aluminium Chassis / Mast/ Keel / Undercarriage etc. etc., have all been aligned in the Jigs and now they are seen hanging with the bulkheads in place. Not as easy as it sounds, you need the right gear and a bit of flair! If you look at the "A" frame construction you will see why we say this is the strongest in its class. That "A" frame has three large sections of box section to take the strain of the Ag/UFO-HeliThruster.

The next couple of pictures will show the following components: The wheel spats with engine cowlings, doors and the Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizer - otherwise referred to as a Tail Plane. This set were painted by a customer in his choice of color.

The photo (below left) is of a UFO-HeliThruster as it was delivered a Customers work shed. The container arrived with his "UFO Rolling Chassis" and everything needed to complete the build.

If you have already bought one then you will have signed an agreement that you will not attempt to fly it without professional and complete training, these aircraft are NOT toys. We have taken seriously every step of its construction, we have said that we will be there when you call, as a team we can help you to achieve your goal. If you have joined the UFO family, we will keep you up to date on our new developments. UFO has an enormous desire to stay on the cutting edge and will not compromise on quality in achieving its goals.


Put your mind at rest, the whole of the ROLLING CHASSIS is finished in regard to its assembly. The ONLY exceptions are the doors and wheel spats, engine cowl and tail. (Supplied but not fitted.)

When it comes to your engine and it's fitting, then if you are not mechanically minded you will need a "LITTLE" help. Instructions are available to all UFO purchasers. This goes for any item, at any stage, we are no further away that an email or phone call.

The Rolling Chassis consists of many parts; a lot of man-hours have been spent in getting it right for you. While the Shell needs your final painting (as seen in the photos above) the rest of the Rolling Chassis arrives assembled. Therefore, the engine bulkhead, the seat bulkhead, the cabin moldings etc. in fact all of the Body is assembled. Your aircraft aluminium has been anodized. The Air Frame, together with the front suspension, and the main undercarriage arrives totally assembled.

In the photo to the left you can see how we attach the engine bed and radiators, In this photo the engine side of the dividing bulkhead is shown (after some sound and engine dampening material has been added). The "A" frame, which is central to the strength of the UFO connects to the Undercarriage at the rear. This "A" frame is where your engine Mounts are placed, again all of the drawings are supplied.

In the pictures below you can also see how the two petrol tanks are fitted behind the seat.

How long will it take to build?

UFO has deliberately set out to cut the time taken to get your UFO kitset aircraft in the air! We reckon it'll take about 300 hours.

The UFO-HeliThruster Rolling Chassis comes (to that stage) fully assembled. All of the framework, forming the Chassis, Undercarriage, Landing Gear, front Suspension Strut, the Mast the Laminations, the Wheels and Tyres are complete.... That's right COMPLETE. So, while other companies charge you extra to kick-start their products, UFO has done it for you and at no extra cost.

Even so, there is still an appreciable amount of work to do. Some of the fitting is being done here on the right.

Many governments including our own ask for imports to meet a 51% import rule. All that means is that there needs to be 51% of the project to be completed by the owner. UFO complies, but has selected the least stressful of things for you to do.

 All of the Parts that UFO make and supply will build your craft; Contact us and we will arrange the delivery of your UFO Rolling Chassis + inventory of parts.

So, the answer to the question "How long will it take to build" depends and varies with each and every builder. Much of it will depend on your dedication and energy, but a large part will depend on just how detailed and customized you want your particular UFO to be; each owner is different. We believe the average construction time is around 300 hours.

Does UFO sell completely 'Ready To Fly' versions as well as the "Rolling Chassis"?

Yes, our facilities are in place, enquire now.

UFO Rolling Chassis, component list:

Fibre-glass body with bubble screens - Fitted
Engine Department Cowling - detachable
Wheel spats for all wheels - supplied
Main bulk-head - Fitted
Seat half bulkhead - Fitted
Side seat braces - Fitted
Forward runners - Fitted
Mast predrilled for head plates - Fitted
Keel forward alloy
Keel aft and drop alloy
Main undercarriage alloy "A frame"
Top rudder strut alloy - Fitted
Fwd undercarriage sprung - Fitted
Main cluster plates alloy - Fitted
Aft keel plates alloy - Fitted
Assembly brackets for above alloy - Fitted
Bolts for assembly of above -Fitted
Main wheels, tyres, tubes, axles, brakes
Forward wheel, tyre, tube, axle - Fitted
Rudder pintols - Fitted
Rudder with stab' wings, bearings - Fitted
Doors with Bubbles - Fitted
Wiring Looms - Supplied
Exhausts - Supplied
Radiators - Supplied
Instrument panels - Supplied
All fibre-glass components supplied unpainted, but primed, usually grey.

Alloy frames components anodized inside and out in black. Wheel hubs, axle and tyres fitted.

Wheel spats supplied.

Steering Head, everything to give you steering to your front wheel - Fitted for you.
Engine Bay Sound Proofing Material - Plumbing bits: Includes pipes, clamps and screws etc to fit total system - Fitted for you.

Gas Tanks - Rotationally moulded, each is made to fit neatly to the bulkhead, one on each side of the mast - Fitted for you.





Small Balance Gas Tank - Main Tanks drain into this one, gas is pumped from there, makes things safe!

Electric Petrol Pumps - a pair of pumps, plumbing/electrical diagram included (to replace standard Subaru ones) Plumbing bits: Includes pipes, clamps and screws etc to fit total system - Fitted for you. Throttle control is also seen in this one, can you spot it?

Set of Dual Foot Pedals, all complete and Fitted for you.

Control Cables includes adjustable Rod ends - Fitted for you. Two for the Rotor Head and two for the Rudder.

    Main Controller; otherwise referred to as the Joystick or Cyclic Control. Includes the brackets to fit Main Controller Cables, Brake Lever to Master Cylinder.

Door Hinges, door Latches - not the locking pin and there are 5 of them. Then there are the door Rubbers and Four Point Safety Harness - are all included

165hp Subaru Engine, Engine mounted to the PSRU etc. The Subaru EJ25/UFO/PSRU-G comes complete with a Link Engine Management System and Wiring Looms, Assembled together, this includes exhaust and radiators etc. etc.

The Engine/PSRU is basically complete, which you bolt on, plug in, connect the fuel lines and hose pipes. "Wiring Looms" are ready to plug in.

We supply the Rotor, Prerotator, Rotor Head and Prop.

These are some of the many parts put together for you!

Instrument Dashboard, ready for your customizing, this is neat & tidy and will set a great standard for the interior of your UFO.

Above Head Switch Panel - ALL fitted out and ready to plug in with our own wiring looms. Instructions included for plugging in - Puts switches in a safe place. Can't be knocked accidentally, yet easy to reach.



Instrument package: TAS "0-160", VSI, Altitude "twin needle", Compass and Hobbs. Other instruments on application.

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