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Photos of some UFO-HeliThrusters flying high.























A kit-set


















Cockpit overhead forward view - Showing instruments fitted etc. Switches where they cannot be accidentally disturbed.










A kit-set











A kit-set










UFO's original test autogyro - owned by Geoff.

Below is a typical factory RTF specification - off the shelf and Ready to Fly UFO-HeliThruster.


This ones up in the far North, Russia.










More UFOs kit-sets










The photo below shows how a UFO-HeliThruster Kitset "rolling chassis" could arrive at your place.











Specially designed radiators, made by UFO.











Engine Mounts fitted and cables are run.


















Overhead switch panel, all wired for you.











Overhead flight controls installed and working, note the radio unit.











One of the digital function monitors used by UFO


















Analogue system


















Classic UFO - neat and tidy!


















UFO has designed and built its own foot-pedals, flight controllers, balance tanks and radiators, we designed and now make our own heads and pre-rotators. The UFO made door latches have 7 attachments to ensure the doors are a good tight fit, even the hinges are wind tested to ensure a quiet flight.














Flight controllers

























Seven point door latches = safe!











Interior fittings all need to be placed properly, we'll show you how.


















Interior assembly


















Interior, controller.


















Hope you enjoyed the photos, Tony Email UFO