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Two Options to help you purchase a  UFO-HeliThruster

NZ$ to your Currency - Check out the price!

Is for all the parts needed to complete your UFO (supplied in one consignment.) When your UFO arrives this way it will not be our "Rolling Chassis" that arrives, but every part needed to complete your kitset UFO.

Estimated time to complete a kitset about 300 hours, estimated costs for an individual to complete this kitset is approx NZ$15000 - this takes into account such things as paint and painting.

NZ$ to your Currency - check out the price!

Your RTF/UFO-HeliThruster factory-spec (Ready to Fly) is yours at NZ$75000. If you wish we can customise it for you, we estimate that this could cost a further NZ$15000 - dependant on appointments)

*Please note all prices need freight added, all prices subject to change without notice.

Kitset finishing costs.

Purchasing the kitset you will need approximately NZ$15000 further to finish the job and get airborne. If you want extras such as Leather upholstery and a ballistic parachute then you could be up for NZ$95000 (est. Minimum - dependant on appointments)

Does a gyro cost the same as a helicopter to: Own? Run? Maintain?


No! Helicopters offering our capacity and level of finish will cost at least 10 times as much to purchase, operate and maintain.

Comparing running costs of a UFO to a helicopter

They are very different! A helicopter has to power its rotors to fly and they MUST stay driven to keep flying. An autogyro's rotors are powered by air running over their surface; this makes an autogyro inherently safer than a helicopter and cheaper to run. A helicopter has significantly more moving parts than a gyro; all of these parts wear and need regular maintenance.

Comparing Maintenance costs of a UFO to a helicopter

First, you are able to do all of your maintenance on your gyro, whereas you cannot if you own a helicopter, they need to be maintained by a qualified Aircraft Technician. In addition, the maintenance schedule of a helicopter is extremely more demanding and complicated. At least 10 times more labour required on a Heli compared to a UFO.

Finance? How can I pay for my UFO?

An up to date financial package consists of the following:

1. UFO has a "Customers Trust", your deposit and further payments go into that account.

2. UFO will accept your order on receipt of half deposit and the balance prior to delivery plus freight and insurance costs.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship worldwide. We handle all the paperwork, quoting etc., from this end. All orders destined for overseas are freight cost plus, we will do our best to keep your costs down but Carriers dance to their own tune

*Please note all prices are freight added, all prices subject to change without notice.

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