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Length 13' feet 1+1/2" inches OR 4.000 meters

Height 10' feet 2" inches OR 3.100 meters

Wide 7' feet 2+1/2" inches OR 2.200 meters

Gross Weight: 1600 pounds

Dry Weight: 950 pounds

Payload: 650 pounds


Type: Subaru EJ25

Displacement: 2500cc

Horsepower: 165 hp

Cooling: Liquid Cooled

Ignition: ECU Single Spark per cylinder

Fuel Economy:

Capacity: 25 US gallons / 100 liters

Endurance: (+1/2 hour reserve not included) 6 hours, giving 600

miles distance flying.

Consumption: 3.75 US gallons per hour / 15 liters

Unusable Fuel: 3/4 US gallon / 3 liters

Approved Fuel: Premium Auto Gas

PSRU - Propeller Speed Reduction Unit - Gear driven.


Ratio: 2.3:1


Type: Composite

No of Blades: 3

Diameter: 72" - 74"


Diameter: 29' - 33' feet (2 Blades)

Blade Cord: 8 1/2 inches

Material: Extruded Aluminium


Dimensions: 1.6 meters high x 800 mm

General description of UFO construction.


Alloy aeronautical aluminium, tig welded. Fiberglass/composite fuselage canopy. Fiberglass wheel pants. Fiberglass instrument panels.


Padded seats on a ply-base.

Fuel Capacity:

100 Liters (22 imperial gallons)


Rotor Tach, Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator,  


Subaru EJ25, 4 cylinders, 4-stroke, water-cooled, 165 hp with electric starter and mechanical prerotator.


Composite 72-74 inch three-blade carbon fiber with ground adjustable pitch.


two-blade, extruded aluminium.


Dual Rudder and Throttle control and central Stick.


Electric Starter

ASI "0-160"



Compass and Hobbs

Mechanical Prerotator

Rotor Brake

Fuel Tank (22 imperial gallons (100 litre, 26 US gallons)

Wheel Brakes, Steering and Wheel Pants

72-74" Propeller

29-33ft Rotor

Fuel Tank (22 imperial gallons (100 litre, 26 US gallons)


Extras such as:

Personalized Interior and exterior, perhaps with leather upholstery or specific electronics - Yes but only with consultation

Specifications continued, here are some measurements of key importance.

The UFO-HeliThruster makes it bigger than any gyro in its class. There is 1400 (55 inches) shoulder room.

There is 1100 (43 inches) of headroom, and that is measured from the top of the seat to the cabin roof.

There is 1200 (47 inches) of useable legroom, that is, from the seat back to the pedals.

The cabin of course is much larger than any comparable aircraft. No problem here if your tall, neither does it matter that you weight 250 pounds. This is comfort like you have never seen it before.

+Cabin enclosure Width with doors on = 1400 meters (55").
+Cabin enclosure Length, nose to back of cabin =1680 meters (66").
- Giving an overall effective leg room of 1200 meters (47") from the pedal to the back rest of the seat. Remember that measurement is not taken from the bulkhead or from the nose. The back of the seat has the padding and the Gas Tanks between you and the bulkhead and there is quite a lot of room in front of the pedals to the nose.

More data
+Cabin Height from floor to ceiling = 1370 meters (54")
+Effective Cabin Width - back of door opening = 1400 meters (55")
+Effective Cabin Height - from top of seat squab to ceiling 1100 meters (43")

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